Friday, June 15, 2012

The Start of a Journey...

Wow! Is that a bird...a plane...oh its Time! Flying at supersonic speed!
It feels just like yesterday when we were a small, yet passionate bunch who were head-hunted from established organizations to join forces with the founders to be a part of the 'Haute Culture' brand...
Some of us took a calculated gamble in leaving the comforts of a structured environment for the chaos and excitement of a start-up...and now that more than five years have elapsed...oh boy, did it pay off!

I have the privilege on behalf of the stakeholders to start our blog-'Right from the heart'...
(incidentally for those who still want to know the correct pronunciation- its 'oht' culture ...and not hote or hut culture...:-) )

The name literally stands for 'Highest Benchmark of Culture' and thats what our aim has ensure that we partner with our clients to transform their corporate culture into a 'benchmark' platform which includes, integrates, engages and benefits from diverse talents.

We deeply felt (with due respect to Canada's multiculturalism!) that Diversity is a given in Canada and has been flogged to death as a buzz-word. Instead it is much more important to understand how to use ‘Cultural Intelligence’ to foster a Culture of Innovation and Inclusion in order to manage and benefit from culturally diverse talents successfully.
That germinated the idea for this unique consulting and training solution and we started off as the first firm in Canada offering a unique bouquet of services under one roof, resolving stress-points within the domain of 'Culture and Diversity' for any size /kind of organization in a cost effective manner and over last few years based on inherent demand from our clientele, have expanded to almost all areas of Human Capital Consulting, Change Management and Leadership Development.

Since we believed we were the Specialists- having cutting edge expertise , our hopes were high that the concept will be an overnight success. Oh, glory be to wishful thinking :-)
It took time. We were helped by and met a lot of wonderful people on the Journey so far...all of them added value in terms of their insight and stands out and has been an anchor in terms of guidance. Thank you, Bill from our heart! We were also shunned by few who initially felt that we were  'ahead of our time' and Cultural Intelligence appeared to them a low priority- like a dispensable 'Avatar' project! 
All in all, the facts speak for themselves....84% of Canadians and 68% of Asians agree that with global baselines changing over last few years, its vital to have a degree of 'intercultural competence' to gain and sustain employment or to be successful at business...!
Canadian Demograhics are changing and how so- Visible Minority is the new Cool!

We have had the fortune to work with a diverse array of clients over last 5 years, right from our hometurf  of Toronto to all over Canada and internationally too across USA, Mideast and India!
We have gained not only financial success, but also academic and media recognition besides  having been commended and awarded at an Industry Canada forum by Canadian Federal Minister of Finance and Provincial Minister of Industry & Commerce !
It has been an enriching journey in all aspects and we hope to grow from strength to strength, learning and evolving and all the time striving to be passionate in what we are trying to cultivate here- No, its not poppy seeds- Its Cultural Intelligence and Human Capital!

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